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Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Everything in existence was brought forth by imagination. There is nothing impervious to the will of the imagination. The question are, what can you imagine, and what can you not imagine?

Recently, our youngest son woke in the middle of the night, screaming. He would not be consoled, nor did he appear in physical pain. Yet, he writhed on the bed, screaming.

It occurred to me he was being possessed by demons. So I began to visualise a pure white light filling and engulfing the room. I could see the house transform from wood to crystal. I continued to cast out all that was not absolutely in alignment with our family's highest good and to cast out all that was not aligned with perfect love.

To my consternation, I found I could not cast out all darkness. The will of something was not leaving our house. To myself I said, wait a minute, this is my imagination, and I can imagine pure white loving light if I want to. So I added more of my will to the process.

The darkness began to leave, but still there was a hook, like a talon, keeping it tethered to our house and to my son. In that moment it occurred to me, I am not solely in control of my imagination. So I mustered what ever will was left in me to cast out this darkness, and finally it left. Simultaneously, our son ceased wailing and fell asleep on his mother.

In the end, I realised the power of the imagination is absolute, but it takes time and effort to have our imagination as our own. From the day we are born we are inundated with information that is not our own, from our parents, from teachers, the media, peers and a multitude of other sources. And these are only sources from with our physical reality.

Verily, it takes the ultimate act of surrender to get to our true selves and our own imagination. We must surrender all that is not us, and that is a lot if we've made in past the age of twelve. However, once we do, we must be careful. The world becomes our playground. We must find good teachers, and we must seek God. For, without guidance, we have no direction home.

Imagine that!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Humans Are Fourth Dimensional Beings

We are all aware of the three dimensions of space within time, but there is another dimension to our humanity, a fourth dimension if you will. There is an inner reality, and this internal reality is actually another dimension of existence, separate from space and time. It is the dimension where we experience passion and drive, intuition and creativity among other things -- none of which are physical.

Furthermore, this internal reality is the primary reality, and the external reality is secondary. All material things, from shovels to rocket ships or pencils to computers, which have been created externally, were first the construct of some human psyche. They were all a manifestation from the internal to the external, from the fourth dimension to the third.

Many, if not most, people see the external reality as primary, calling the physical world the real world. However, from this more enlightened perspective, that obviously cannot be true. It's not that the physical world does not exist. Clearly, it does. Rather, it is simply a secondary manifestation of our primary reality, our internal reality.

The problem with seeing the physical world as primary is, we become caught in an endless feedback loop of the external creation and begin denying the primacy of our own consciousness. We come to believe in the imagination as the illusion and the illusion as reality. Seeing the external reality as primary we create more of what we see. Essentially, we become duped into creating realities that are not our own.

The negative implications of this are obvious and far reaching. However, no matter the problem, once we connect with this internal fourth dimension (and perhaps beyond), then the secondary reality no longer has any authority over us. We cannot be controlled by television or the Internet or governments or any other external force.

This means of course actually facing ourselves and, perhaps more importantly, facing what we have allowed ourselves to become. However, once we do, we will then see the emergence of the New Earth right before our very eyes.

See you there!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The New Prince ~ Video

The prince can sleep with lions and sheep
Like an armored knight at a pauper's feast
Gotta shake him off of me
Gotta kill the filthy beast

But who is weak while attacking sheep
And can we solve riddle
Is it me lying I am free
While I play a golden fiddle?

Who is the new prince now?
Can you find him in yourself?
Have you figured it out?
Can you tell me what it's all about?

The prince has pride and fears abound
Winners, losers all around
Build a fence, paint the town
Push it in and hold it down

Treasure, treasure, pleasure, pain
Human beings are all the same
Drive a car, play a game
Corporate empires are insane

Music and words by Jamie Dale
Images borrowed from Michael Tsarion

Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Guest Writer:  Trevor P

In the moment transcendence occurs, one must not want—one must have transcended, letting go of systems and letting go to the process, content to simply be. When one is at peace and accepts what is, one can close one’s eyes, opening the eyes of the spirit, traveling through entire universes, seeing and hearing what source sees and hears, feeling what source feels.

When one has transcended and sees, hears and feels what source does (All Things), one is aware of the processing systems of self and others—the dance of life. One experiences the imagination of others and their beauty. One also becomes aware that Source weeps with us for our not knowing and smiles with us as we come to know.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Two-Bits on Society, Biology & Private Property

Nothing can be owned, and everything is free. That's reality. I would have to go unconscious to believe in ownership. Verily the only form of ownership there could every be is use, and by virtue of use I suppose some form of ownership is implied. But explicit ownership requires private property laws, which again require unconsciousness, a surrender of reality to a facade or fiction.

Furthermore, the idea of land ownership is preposterous. Land cannot belong to humans; humans can only belong to the land. This is simple logic: the land can exist without us; we cannot exist without the land.

It's the same as this absurd idea that the brain can sometimes run the show. Impossible. The heart has always and will always run the show. We have always done our hearts desire. Whether it was painful or seemingly wrong, it was to the benefit of our soul and part of our growing lesson; and our heart always knows. This again is simple logic: the heart can exist without the brain, but the brain cannot exist without the heart.

When the sperm meets the egg and divides the cell in two, it then splits to four then eight all the way to 512. At which point the zygote is complete. The very first thing to form after that is the heart. All other parts of the body require the heart as a regulator. The heart quite literally runs everything and always has. It cannot be any other way. The heart is the body's regulator.

The next point to consider is the heart does not pump blood. As I've said it's a regulator. The pumping action comes from the capillaries. Doctors have never been able to figure out how this fragile organ in our chest is able to pump blood 24 hours a day 365 days a year and never tires. Not to mention apparently it's pumping the blood from my toes back up to itself. Again, preposterous. The exchange that happens at the capillaries, where the blood feeds the cells, creates a slight vacuum pumping action that is practically imperceptible. But there are literally billions of capillaries in the body (apparently enough to fill four football fields), and billions of not-very-much can become quite something. It becomes the pump. The heart then regulates. Ask your doctor to refute this. He won't be able to.

Unfortunately, the real predicament is the worldview that is created by a society who believes the heart is a pump. Recently an army general was shown talking to his troops and comparing the army to the circulatory system of the body, stating there is a central command, and all the soldiers must obey the central command or the system fails to function. However, the reality is central command should be listening to the soldiers or the system fails to function, which is what is actually happening, globally.

A society that believes the heart is a pump must believe in central command, a single currency, one religion, a world government, a centralised farm commission and one company to make everyone's shoes. Look at the direction we're headed. It's time to wake up! The American Medical Association has been hi-jacked. I'm not a doctor, and I can do this much research in my spare time. In fact with a doctor's schooling there's no time to research outside the box, and the debt they carry requires them to work substantially for money, at least to some degree, once they leave school.

A society the realises the heart is a regulator has small self-governing communities with multiple currencies, millions of farmers providing for their families and neighbours, many religions and billions of artisans making unique shoes and computers and anything else we can think of with soul enhancing skills learned over time.

How's that for two-bits?

I'd like to give thanks to Dr Thomas Cowan and his Fourfold Path to Healing. Here are some fantastic resources from his website, which must also give props to Sally Fallon and her Nourishing Traditions.

Friday, July 4, 2014

No One Knows

Nobody knows what's going on in this life. Nobody. We may have many answers, which may satisfy us some of the time. But in our hearts we really don't know. No one knows.

And, really, the key to realise here is not only does no one know but no one has control. Governments think they are in control, and some people believe that. Corporations think they're in control, and some people believe that. The bankers think they're in control, and most people believe that, especially the naive conspiracy theorist. And it's all bullshit (def'n: nonsense, lies or exaggeration). The reality is we each need to recognise our powerlessness and our absolute inability to change the world or the people in it. That is the truth, especially for those who believe they have control or power.

There is so much bullshit in the world. Not in a thousand lifetimes could I or anyone else eliminate it. It is literally a hopeless situation; however, recognising the hopelessness can allow true power and hope to enter. There is a power who can deal with the bullshit, whose job it is to deal with, not mine. And that can happen in this single lifetime.

While no one truly knows, the way I see it my only job is to love the world the way God loves the world. It's a worldview that works. And while that is practically an impossible task, it's not as impossible as trying to eliminate the all the bullshit.

I think loving the world as God loves the world is the point of John 3:16.  In the past I've gotten too hung up on the idea that God gave his only begotten Son and that I needed to believe this to be given everlasting life. And while this may be true I now believe the heart of that verse is for God so loved the world.

Many people claim an enormous love for God but then have a huge hate on for the world, and I know because I've been one of them. I've been hateful toward the world, and no one was going to tell me any different. But I've been given the dignity and the space to process that. So the least I can do is create a space of love for others to walk through their processes, even if they don't match or agree with mine, even if they're in line with corporations or governments or bankers.

As with much in the Bible or anything else for that matter we must first unlock the words using the spiritual key, so to speak. Patience, empathy, forgiveness and love must become my guiding precepts. To me these are the keys that unlock the truth.

But who knows?

Perception of Violence

I must take responsibility for the violence I have caused. And I have created all violence I perceive. So I'm not just talking about my own personal violence but about violence I am witnessing. When I see violence erupting between two people, I am the creator of that violence. And I heal it by healing the part of myself that created it in the first place.

This is a revolutionary concept: it is I who need the healing, not those within the perception of violence. And it is a concept the empty ego wants no part of. It is my ego, my personality, that perceives, projects and creates the separation, the violence. Believe it! I need to take responsibility for my perception, my projection, my creation.

If we are all One then there is no separation between us or between the violence I cause and the violence I perceive. Once I take responsibility for this I can assume my genuine responsibility as a co-creator of Heaven on Earth. This is an ongoing process and an often painful one, but it is a process that gets more and more beautiful every day.

The suffering becomes enjoyable because I come to recognise I am the cause of the suffering. It is not being put on me by some outside force. When I let go of blame I can become present to the truth. I am the cause, and this conscious suffering brings me ever closer to Source.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Simple Truth

A man sits at a table reading a book while his teacher, a sage or guru of sorts, watches over him. He is reading a paragraph explaining the origins of life and the conspiracy humanity has fallen victim to.

A few pages later he is reading about why everything is written in code and needs to be deciphered by an active living mind. The truth is simple, it says, but cannot be simply told. Verily our perception of the truth is always changing, even now!

The man asks his teacher, if the truth cannot be simply told, how is it that it was just explained in a simple paragraph a few pages back?

The guru asks, was it? Find me that paragraph.

The man is astonished at his inability to find it, despite his best and most thorough efforts.